The Essentials of a Well Drafted Management Agreement
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In today’s changing marketplace associations and exhibition driven organizations are looking for creative ways to reduce costs on one hand while at the same time maximizing revenues through economies of scale; a tricky and precarious balancing act indeed. To accomplish this miraculous feat organizations are or considering utilizing management companies to run their events or manage their organizations or both. While this can have very positive results for the organization and the management company alike, each party must carefully consider the short and long term ramifications of their particular management arrangement. Before either party signs on the dotted line, the parties, individually and jointly, need to clearly and concisely address a multitude of issues. As the old adage goes, “if the honeymoon is rocky, the marriage won’t be much better”.

Avoiding the unanticipated consequences of entering into a one-sided or unworkable management agreement takes knowledge combined with thoughtful and candid communications between the parties. The end result will be a well-drafted and comprehensive management agreement that satisfies both parties’ objectives, while substantially reducing each party’s risk and liability exposure. 

Participants will be provided with contract negotiating tips, and a greater understanding of the important legal issues that need to be reviewed, modified or included in today’s management agreements. Special focus will be paid to handling and maintaining control of proprietary information, management fees, revenue sharing, oversight of vendor contractors including facility and housing agreements, and various liability related issues such as cancellation, termination and Force Majeure.

Learner Outcomes:
This session will enable participants to:

  • Better understand the primary issues and complexities involved in management agreements.
  • More effectively and efficiently negotiate and draft management agreements.
  • Develop a greater awareness of your contractual rights and obligations in order to avoid potential liability pitfalls and disputes in advance.


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