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These best selling meetings and exhibition industry publications are used by meeting professionals and exhibition managers worldwide. They are also used as part of the educational curriculum in many college and university hospitality industries studies and exhibition and event industry accreditation programs.

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Hotel Contracts BookHotel Contracts: A Road Map to Successful Hotel Negotiations
The book is an industry wide bestseller, providing useful examples of contractual provisions you can use in your hotel agreements. Its in-depth, yet easy to follow analysis of contractual issues and negotiating strategies, which are often overlooked or misunderstood in Hotel contracts, make this book a must have reference guide for any organization using hotel facilities.

Convention Center BookConvention Center Facilities Contracts/Leases — 2011 Edition: Making Sense of Your Agreements and Current Convention Wisdom
This new edition for 2011 includes helpful information on how convention centers determine the direct spending economic impact of an event, information and cautions on letters of commitment/letters of intent; and important terms, covenants and conditions and rules and regulations found in current facility leases. Also included is expanded information on cancellation policies and reducing potential liability.

The Art of the ShowThe Art of the Show — Third Edition
Chapter 6: Legal Considerations is authored by Mark Roysner.
The third edition of The Art of the Show textbook written by exhibition industry professionals for the industry and students serves as the definitive textbook for the exhibition and events industry. This third edition has essentially been rewritten to take into account the changing business climate, including technology enhancements, globalization, and environmentally friendly events. The Art of the Show is used in 25 colleges and universities around the globe.

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CONVENTION CENTER CONTRACTS NEGOTIATIONS: Part 4   A Few More Things to Consider Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Understanding Force Majeure and Excused Non-Performance Provisions

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